About Faer & Haas

Great design makes you feel good, its not just about pockets, noisy patterns or sparkley sequins. Good design has everything you need and nothing you don't. Good design married with great quality creates products we love to look at, love to touch and love to wear and use.

We love nature and we love to travel so what else could we do but bring some of that inspiration home in the products we create and the partners we work with to bring you exquisite accessories and homewares made with high quality materials and exhibiting fantastic design whether retro or modern in style.

At Faer & Haas we are excited about supporting craftmen and women and designers from across the globe. We are always on the look out for new products, artists and craftspeople to showcase whether they are from Toronto or Helsinki, London or Tokyo.

Our own line of travel and nature inspired designer prints are showcased on our t-shirts and clothing and a brand new selection wall art to add a pop of colour and attitude to your home as well as your outfit.

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