Obsidian is a volcanic glass
Associations: this stone is attached to the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius
and is linked with the elements of Earth and Fire.


Healing properties and beliefs:

It is believed that the obsidian stone is a strongly protective stone which forms a
shield against negativity, blocks psychic attacks and absorbs negative energies from the surrounding environment. Obsidian is said to dissolve emotional blockages and past traumas and is said to bring clarity to the mind and chases away confusion and will help you on your way to find who you truly are. It stimulates on all levels urging the wearer to explore the unknown and will open new horizons. Obsidian is also said to aid digestion and helps with detoxication.it is said to warm the extremities and is worn to reduce pains caused by arthritis, cramps and joint



The black obsidian crystal is said to be one of the luckiest stones of them all it is said to be able to turn bad luck into good. For the wearer of the stone, it is said to be particularly useful when financial gain is needed and that wearing a black obsidian bracelet is a good way to attract wealth and good fortune.



In ancient times, obsidian was used for cutting tools and weapons, like blades and arrowheads. Well-crafted obsidian blades can be as sharp as surgical steel scalpels. Today, obsidian is used in jewellery and home décor for both its intense beauty and powerful properties.

Obsidian double wrap bracelet by Faer & Haas

The black obsidian bracelet is one of our most popular and no wonder why! Whether or not any of the above is believed, the black obsidian bracelet is a well-
rounded beautiful stone which enhances and contrasts the colour of most other natural stones and will go perfectly with many of our other bracelets to create a personalised stack option and will even a stand or low key piece alone.
With the added bonus of the obsidian attracting wealth in whatever form that may be, I think this stone will add value to any wardrobe.

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18K Gold and Sterling Silver Obsidian Beaded Bracelets
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