Why is Black so Popular for Men's Accessories?
When it comes to style, men love black. Whether it’s a suit, wallet, bag or even beaded bracelets, black is always the winning colour.
Mens fashion revolves around earthy colours, blacks, browns or greys. Clothes in these colours are practical. They make for good 'catch-all' pieces, fit for any occasion. Black pairs with statement colours, showing off style and character without garishness.
But why is black so popular, and for accessorising, why are black beaded bracelets so popular? Well, here are a few ideas:
1. Black goes with anything.
When it comes to fashion, men... most men anyway, pick the safest colour, black, and go with it. It matches everything and will complement an outfit irrespective of occasion and dress-code.
2. Black bracelets will usually match with other accessories
Choosing to wear a beaded bracelet alongside a watch, it would most likely be best to wear a black bracelet. Black beaded bracelets will partner any watch with ease. Many of our customers are watch wearers. Whether worn on the same or opposite wrist, it’s always nice to go for a bracelet that will match your timepiece.
3. Black doesn't offend nor attract attention
Men's bracelets and jewellery is still a new concept. Traditional views on jewellery are still common outside of urban centres and cities. For men who have never worn anything more than a watch before; wearing black is a safe option. It doesn’t attract undue attention. However, we should still want our accessories to reflect our personality and style
Our first time customers usually buy black beaded bracelets. They love them so much that they come back for more, but this time in other colours or pairings.
4. Black is mysterious.
Black is a often described as the absence of colour, but in reality black can be used to conceal hidden depths. Look closer and there is often more to seen than revealed at first glance. Black stones are our favourites for mens beaded bracelets. Obsidian and Jet can contain inclusions, subtle pearlescent reflections, are smooth and cool to touch. They are dense, heavy and hardwearing, making them perfect for everyday men's accessories.
5. Black is powerful
Some cultures associate black with power; in others, with destruction. Several ancient cultures believed it offered the power of protection; wearing a black amulet was believed to ward off the evil eye. Black agate beaded bracelets, denoted strength, protection and confidence. In today's terms, think power suits, smart shoes and lucrative career ladders
6. Black is timeless.
Black has always been a beloved colour in fashion. It is a classic, and will never go out of fashion.
Wearing black accessories means longevity, they will never need replacing. Accept for other black bracelet!
7. Black is professional.
There is still the perception that wearing lots of colourful bracelets won’t cut it at work. This might be true in very conservative industries. Thankfully, since covid lockdowns, WFH and people valuing work life balance; times are changing.
Wearing a single black beaded bracelet will be perfect as it won’t cause too much of a distraction. If anything, it will inject a bit of interest and character in an otherwise boring work day.
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