Tiger's Eye

History of the Tiger's Eye Stone:

In many stories it has been said that the ancient Egyptians were infatuated with this stone due to its iridescent rays and veins which are almost otherworldly. It is said that they believed that the tigers eye stone was one that represented divine vision and it was used to represent the eyes when they created great deities.

Roman soldiers also favoured this stone and used it as a protective talisman on the breastplate of their soldiers in battle.

In the 16th century the tiger’s eye was so rare that its considered worth was greater than gold.

Tiger's Eye and Obsidian Bracelet Stack with Sterling Silver accents
Tiger's Eye and Obsidian Bracelet Stack

Zodiac and Healing Properties:

The tiger’s eye is a Gemini birthstone, but it is known as a good stone for Capricorns and Leos.

It Is believed that when you are open freely to the properties of the stone it will help wash away negativity and help boost self-confidence. It can also supposedly banish any lack of motivation and encourage a more active life approach.

It is believed the tigers eye is a spiritual amplifier although it has earthly roots; worn for protection and to be placed in the home for balance.

The tiger’s eye has a lot of beauty and mystery attached to it and it is no wonder it remains to be not only our most popular bracelet stone, but also one of the most popular stones around the globe. Not only do I believe it be a good talisman against harm, but I also really believe it to be a protector against a bad wardrobe choice.

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Tiger's Eye and Sterling silver bracelet by Faer & Haas
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